Bioluminescence Night Paddle Trips


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Maine's very own Bioluminescent Bay!
*Featured in DownEast Magazine Sept. 2004 !
*Yankee Magazine Editors Choice~Best Night Paddle 2013

Experience an unforgettable evening paddle in Castine Harbor under a blanket of stars and in the midst of bioluminescent organisms of the water that swirl and light up with every stroke of your paddle. Fascinating! Castine's Harbor is Maine's own Bioluminescent Bay with a unique ecosystem that creates the perfect environment for these glow in the dark phytoplankton to survive and multiply. In our unique "Floating Planetarium", we'll explore the constellations of the stars of the night sky immersed in the bioluminescent stars of the water!
We gather just prior to sunset and after getting outfitted with lifejackets, paddles and lights we head to the docks with our Registered/Licensed Maine Sea Kayak Guide for paddling instruction and then launch our kayaks into the calm mystical night waters of Castine's Bioluminescent Bay… as the light fades the water begins to glow!
We provide: Kayak, Paddle, Lifejacket and Expert Maine Sea Kayak Guides as your leaders!!

This tour is best suited for folks with previous paddling experience, which we require along with a reasonable level of fitness to control and steer your craft and comfort with the water at night. If you have never paddled or would benefit from more experience, we highly recommend joining us for a day trip to gain more comfort and enjoy our beautiful area before undertaking paddling at night. We are offering a Special Sea Kayak Castine by Day and Night Combo Package: Paddle by day first and learn to maneuver your kayak efficiently with our guide's instruction making your night trip more relaxing and enjoyable! Book now and receive 20% off your kayaking combination (Booked together within the same day, week, month or summer!)

Children 10 and up welcome on night tours.
Children 14 and under required to have a strong adult or full sized person to paddle with them! Kayak Capacity: *Our high performance sea kayaks can comfortably accommodate most paddlers under 250lbs with a reasonable level of mobility and fitness (please check in with us ahead of time if you have concerns)

Bioluminescent Night Paddles & Stargazing from our floating planetarium!

- Custom Group trips or privates available.
- Tour: approx. 2 1/2-3 hours $85 (**Except during the ACADIA NIGHT SKY FESTIVAL $95)

Best Dates for Best Bioluminescence 2022
When it is darkest (NO MOON)
May 19 - June 1: DARK NO MOON! Best Bioluminescence!
June 17 - June 30: DARK NO MOON! Best Bioluminescence!
July 16 - July 29: DARK NO MOON! Best Bioluminescence!
August 14 - August 27: DARK NO MOON! Best Bioluminescence!
September 13 - September 26: DARK NO MOON! Best Bioluminescence!
October 13 - October 26: DARK NO MOON! Best Bioluminescence!

Other Nighttime Spectacular Event Paddles!
July 4: Fireworks Night time paddle! Experience the fireworks from your kayak!
July 13: Super moon, when the full moon is at its closest approach to Earth!
July 12-August 23: Delta Aquariads Meteor Shower, PEAK July 28
July 17-August 24: Perseid Meteor Shower, PEAK August 12 and 13
August 14: Saturn at its closest approach to Earth!Using our telescope you can catch a glimpse of its incredible rings!
August 27: Just after sunset, Mercury will be at its highest point above the horizon in the western sky!
September 16: Neptune at its closest approach to Earth! While still over 2 billion miles away, this blue giant will be visible through our telescope!
September 22: Autumnal Equinox, shortest day of the year!
September 26: Jupiter at its closest approach to Earth. Use a pair of binoculars and you can even make out Jupiter's 4 largest moons!
October 6-10: Draconids Meteor Shower, PEAK 7
October 2-Nov 7: Orionids Meteor Shower, PEAK October 21

Best Dates for Moonlit Paddles!
(We will enjoy the beauty of the moonlight, learn about the craters and also seek out the bioluminescence in the shadows of the moon!)
June 2-16: Moonlit Night Paddles
July 1-15: Moonlit Night Paddles
July 30 - August 13: Moonlit Night Paddles
August 28 - Sept 12: Moonlit Night Paddles
September 27 - Oct 12: Moonlit Night Paddles

Full Moon Paddles (Moonlight Paddles!)
(We’ll be dancing in the moonlight!)
June 13, 14, 15: FULL MOON PADDLE! Sunset/Moonrise
July 12, 13, 14: FULL MOON PADDLE! Sunset/Moonrise
August 10, 11, 12: FULL MOON PADDLE! Sunset/Moonrise
September 9, 10, 11: FULL MOON PADDLE! Sunset/Moonrise
October 8, 9, 10: FULL MOON PADDLE! Sunset/Moonrise