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Current Design Scirrocos: Color Lime Green!

Length 16' 10" Width 23 1/2" Weight 61 lbs Skeg
Swede Form, Shallow "V", Medium Chine
Used in Castine Kayak Fleet. Beautiful, sleek boats. Not rented and well loved and cleaned after every use! Complete with Skeg for controlling set and drift and day hatch for storing important items nearby. Based on Current Designs popular composite model, the Gulfstream, the Sirocco will appeal to a broad market who crave performance yet want a boat that is user friendly. The Scirroco is great in any conditions and works well for beginners but really grows with experienced paddlers. Great edging boat for high performance manuevers! Rolls smooth as can be. Feels stable yet performs very playfully. Want to simply go straight??? Just drop the skeg and she'll hold a straight line!

The Sirocco boasts many of the features that the composite version has including recessed deck fittings, deck rigging, bulkheads and hatch systems including the 7-3/4" day hatch just behind the paddler for easy access. This is a proven kayak, built in rotomolded polyethylene as an example of innovation at its best.

The guides at Castine kayak are a testament to the comfort and performance paddling their own personal sciroccos.
On Sale for : $1000


Sea Kayak : Current Design Storm

Retails for $1,500. Sell for 1,000. Red. Cleaned after every use! Well loved and cared for. The Storm is a great boat for larger-taller folks or folks looking for more leisurely comfort without sacrificing performance. Lively, rugged and affordable. When paddling the Storm you will immediately feel comfortable with its stability.
Length 17' Width 24" Weight 64lbs
Hull Shape: Fish Form, Shallow "V", Soft Chine, Pacific NW
comes with Rudder


lookshaw kayak

The Looksha 17 easily accommodates medium to larger paddlers and all of their gear. And when stowing gear, you'll find the bow and stern hatches are the largest hatch openings ever designed by Necky. High initial stability, excellent glide and outstanding acceleration ensure that strong currents, tides or wind chop up to four feet won't slow you down.

This Kayak is a brand new blem. We are selling it for $950


Call 207-866-3506 or email today...... paddle tomorrow!

Paddles (New and used)

Kalliste Carbon
$375 2pc straight
$455 2pc bent
More info

Camano Fiberglass
$250 2pc (new)

More info

Cascadia(new) $170

Used Cascadia's and Mid Tours


email us
Spray skirts (used)
$10 - $50 email us
Rescue Kit package
(Paddle Float, Pump, sponge, whistle)
$65 email us
Paddle float
$40 email us
Pump w/floating ring!
$25 email us
Rescue Stirrup (floating)
$10 email us
Caribeener Paddle park
$10 email us
Compass Rose Nav Aid
$10 email us
Silva Compass
$22 email us
T-shirts Poly Pro Long Sleeve
QUOTE "Everyone deserves a good paddle!"
Printed on Back
Logo on front
$30 email us
T-shirts Poly Pro Short Sleeve "everyone deserves a good paddle!"
$25 email us
Hats Sahara style
$25 email us
Caps !Glow in the Dark Visibility!
$20 email us
Kayak Dolly Wheels (new)
$65 email us
303 Aerospace Protectant
(Sunblock for your gear)
$8.00 email us
email: castinekayak@cs.com

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